This entry is for the character from the manhua. See You Nei for the donghua equivalent.

Yang Ning, also known as Yang Zicheng was Yang Jinghua's ancestor and Duanmu Luoyue's associate.

Even though he lived in the ancient past and had died centuries ago, his creation, the Luoyue Sword was left in the hands of his descendant, Yang Jinghua who later became the Soul Image of Luoyue's descendant, Duanmu Xi.

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Yang Zicheng is a tall young man. His descendant Jinghua bears a striking resemblance to him in his transformed state, albeit in different clothing and eye color.

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Zicheng was known to be gentle towards others, mostly towards his master Luoyue. It was hinted that he had shown love and loyalty towards him, which was proven further when he was utterly shocked by Luoyue's words of being the last winter that they will be together and feeling anguished when he was forced to kill Luoyue by his request to save the world. His feelings were strong enough to reach his own descendant Jinghua centuries after his death, as Jinghua was able to see his memories.

Despite his gentleness, he was feared among the demons due to his powerful sword skills and spiritual arts. His known legacy among the demons reaches to the point that fox demon Yinzhe, who have lived for centuries was shocked by Jinghua's new form as Zicheng when he first transforms and opting not to face him in combat.

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Even though he died centuries ago, Zicheng's heart and dedication had reached to his own descendant Yang Jinghua.

Zicheng was first seen by Jinghua as a vision during the scuffle against Situ Lv. Determined to become stronger, Jinghua reaches out to the Luoyue Sword.

During a fight against the demons from the mountain, Jinghua eventually took the sword in order to defend himself despite being told not to, resulting in him transforming into the form of Zicheng and warding off the demons, which shocked Yinzhe as he recognize Zicheng to the point of opting not to face him in combat.

After Jinghua defeats Situ Lv, Jinghua calls himself through his ancestor's title, making him and Duanmu Xi to finally figure out where the missing Luoyue Sword scabbard was hidden. Jinghua eventually found the scabbard and places the sword right into it. This result in the sealing ability of the Luoyue Sword to be dispersed, returning Duanmu Xi's powers.