Shin Shiyou (秦詩瑤) was Ki Tanmoku's fiancee.

She holds a slight grudge against You Keika as he appears to be really close to Ki, making her jealous.

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Shiyou Shin

Shiyou is an attractive young woman with mid-back length brown hair, thin eyebrows that are shown to be visible under her fringe and violet eyes.

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She arrives at the airport with her suitcase before removing both her sunglasses and hat for airport security.[1]

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  • What’s the point of a contract on a scrap of paper (2)
  • It was inevitable that I would be attracted to him by the flow of time
  • My only mission is to remove my clothes for him
  • Pride disappears the instant you truly begin loving someone
  • Gross, did you wet yourself over my lecture earlier?
  • I would definitely rather die than have him see me like this, obviously!
  • He has always been out of reach for me. Our fate was decided from the beginning. He is always the star. I am just a member of the unnamed audience.
  • Why do you only ever show me your back?

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  1. Spiritpact Episode 1

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