This entry is for the character from the manhua. See Rakugetsu Tanmoku for the donghua equivalent.

Duanmu Luoyue was the first Yangming Master and head of the Duanmu Family. He is also the ancestor of Duanmu Siming and Duanmu Xi, who was his successor.

His spirit was eventually sealed by the bloodline of the Yang Family a 1000 years ago. However since the last line of the Yang Family, Yang Jinghua died in the car accident, the seal was broken, waiting for his revival.

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Long white flowing hair and white eyelashes. After death, he would cover his white ribbon over his eyes. Dressed in long tunic and a jacket.

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Before he descended into madness, he used to be a kind and gentle soul, giving blessings to the land he lives in. His gentleness was noted by his servant, Yang Zicheng.

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